Material : 

High Quality Chiffon with full lining


Nursing friendly (front with buttons access)

Wudhuk friendly

Princess cut

Belt attached to dress.

Side zip available

Measurements :

Size S: Length: 140cm Bust: 88cm Waist: 76cm Sleeve: 60cm Shoulder: 35cm 

Size M: Length: 141cm Bust: 93cm Waist: 81cm Sleeve: 61cm Shoulder: 36.5cm 

Size L: Length: 142cm Bust: 98cm Waist: 86cm Sleeve: 62cm Shoulder: 38.5cm 

Size XL: Length: 143cm Bust: 103cm Waist: 91cm Sleeve: 62cm Shoulder: 39.5cm

Price : RM89

Dark khaki

sold out!

Gold  khaki

Green turquoise



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